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Ashcroft Water Treatment Plant Project

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The proposed Ashcroft Water Treatmnet Plant is a project that the Village of Ashcroft has been working on for the last 15 years, since the introdution of the Drinking Water Protection Act in 2001. Below is a compilation of links, documents and reports that provide information surrounding the framework that the Village is working within. This includes legislation, documents from Health Canada and the Province of BC, Interior Health Correspondence, documents on the Water Treatment Plant, and Village of Ashcroft documents. 

We invite you to visit Interior Health's webpage: Drinking Water For Everyone.  It provides an easy to understand explanation of water treatment in the BC Interior, why it is important, and introduces you to real life water operators serving their community for the sake of everyone's health and wellbeing within that community.

This is the place where you can access information about the process and progress of the Water Treatment Plant Project.  As information becomes public, we will post the information here for your benefit.

Presentation Made at Community Forum

Urban Systems Ltd. appeared at the April 12 Community Forum to provide an update on the Water Treatment Plant Project and provide information on the progress to date.  Please follow the link to view the presentation slides.

Request For Qualifications

On January 22, 2018, the Village of Ashcroft, through Urban Systems Ltd., is seeking general contractors to submit their qualifications regarding the construction of water treatment plant facilities.  Interested contractors are asked to visit the MERX website for the complete Request for Qualifications (RFQ) application package (follow the link).  This process, which will identify a short list of qualified contractors, is open until February 2, 2018.  Those found to be most qualified will be invited to bid on the construction of the new Ashcroft Water Treatment Plant; that competition will begin in mid February of this year.  Construction is anticipated to begin as early as March of the same year. 

Interested parties, or the general public can review the RFQ by clicking on the above link which will take you to the advertisement for the RFQ which contains a link to the package on the MERX website. 

You can review the RFQ by following this link.

Membrane Filter Pilot Project

On March 20, 2017, the Membrane Filtration Pilot Project commenced with the arrival of the PALL membrane system from the successful proposal applicant, awarded by Council, DWG Process Supply.  The pilot project will operate for 1-2 months.  This will allow for the testing of the membranes and determine what is required for optimal operation given the Village of Ashcroft's unique water source.  Follow this link to review the memo written for Council's consideration, dated March 8, 2017 as found on the March 13, 2017 Council Meeting agenda.    

Selection of Filtration Equipment and Suppliers

The RFQ process resulted in three companies qualified to move on to the next round of the selection process.  AWC Water, H2O Innovations and DWG Process Supply were successful in the RFQ stage and were provided with a request for propoal (RFP) as issued by Urban Systems on behalf of the Village of Ashcroft.  During the February 27, 2017 Village Council Meeting, Council received a report dated February 22, 2017, requesting a decission from Council on whch proposal from the three companies listed above would be awarded the contract to supply the filtration portion of the Ashcroft Water Treatment Plant project.  You can review the report and memo by following this link.  


Prequalification of Contractors and Suppliers

A Request for Qualification (RFQ) was posted on the MERX website between Nov 28 and December 5, 2016, to invite interested companies to submit their qualifications and experience for review.  The purpose of this is to identifiy contractors with suitable levels of experience and expertise regarding the instation of municipal water treatment plants of similar sized communities in British Columbia.  This information helped create a "short-list" of companies that became eligible to submit proposals in regards to the construction of the water treament plant and systems.  To review the "RFQ" please follow this link.  

Pre-desing Stage

To review the memo from July 19, 2106, regarding the Pre-design Stage of the Water Treatment Plant from Urban Systems to Village Council, please follow this link

Conceptual Design

To review the Water Treatment Facility conceptual design, created by Urban Systems and presented to Council in 2016, please follow this link: Conceptual Design


Breakdown of the Annual Payments

View the Frontage Increase Summary developed by the Village Chief Financial Officer.


Correspondance from Provincial Authorites about the Existing Water Treatment System in Ashcroft

Currently, the existing water treatment system in Ashcroft does not meet legislated requirements.  What follows is corespondance recieved by the Village, from provincial authorities, outlining the problems with the existing system and direction on how to correct the issue.  The Ashcroft Water Treatment Plan Project will address all of the issues identified in the following letters and will do so in a way that meets current legislation requirements using proven technology in a cost effective way. 

A letter from Interior Health on January 14, 2014.  In this letter, Interior Health clearly outlines our current system does not meet the requirements of current drinking water legislation: 
Letter from Laurie Bourdin, Interior Health - BC Drinking Water Treatment Objectives (Microbial) for Surface Water (January 2014)

Two letters from Interior Health on August and November f 2012.  These letters outlines additional terms and conditions of the Village's license to supply water to its residents.  Article no. 7 requires the Village to provide long term plans for: source protection, treatment and the distribution of potable water.   
Letter from Rob Fleming CPHI(C) Drinking Water Officer, Interior Health - 2012 Proposed Conditions of Operating Permit (August 2012)
Letter from Rob Fleming CPHI(C) Drinking Water Officer, Interior Health - 2012 Conditions of Permit (November 2012)

A Letter from Interior Health on March 25, 2004 states "The Village of Ashcroft must develop a work/installation plan for treatment improvements to meet these objectives (of the Drinking Water Protection Act):
Letter from Joe Rowlett CPHI(C) Public Health Inspector, Interior Health - Conditions Placed on Village of Ashcroft's Operating Permit (March 25, 2004)

Drinking Water Legislation and Government Publications

The Village of Ashcroft is required to follow Federal and Provincial legislation in regards to supplying potable water to the residents of the community.  Due to unfortuneate situations like the incident that took place in Walkerton Ontario, which resulted in illnesses and the death of residents who consumed contaminated municipal distributed water, legislation has been changed and is much more stringent.  Below are links to current Provincial  legislation dealing with drinking water.

Drinking Water Protection Act (2001) via BCLaws

Drinking Water Protection Regulation (BC Reg. 41/2016) via BCLaws

Drinking Water Treatment Objectives (Microbiological) For Surface Water Supplies In British Columbia (2012) via Province of BC

Below you can review the Drinking Water Officer's Guide published by the Province of BC:

Drinking Water Officers' Guide - Introduction (2014) via Province of BC

Drinking Water Officers' Guide - Part A (2014) via Province of BC

Drinking Water Officers' Guide - Part B (2014) via Province of BC

Drinking Water Officers' Guide - Appendices (2014) via Province of BC

Below are links to Federal publications detailing drinking water guidelines:

Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water - Guideline Technical Document Escherichia coli (2012) via Health Canada

Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality - Summary Table via Health Canada

Below are other publications you may find interesting from the Province of BC regarding drinking water:

Provincial Heath Officer's "Drinking Water Quality in BC: The Public Health Perspective" via Province of BC (2002)

Progress on the Action Plan for Safe Drinking Water via Province of BC (2015)
How Drinking Water is Protected in B.C. via Province of BC


Village Annual Water Reports

Annual Water Report 2015